Tableau has been proudly associated with the AppConfig community since 2016. Today, we are announcing support for both Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune for Tableau Mobile using the AppConfig approach. For many of our enterprise customers, this means that you can now securely deploy, configure and manage Tableau Mobile through these mobile device-management (MDM) platforms, also commonly known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms.




With this announcement, alongside the recent release of the Tableau Mobile for BlackBerry Dynamics platform and our long-standing support for MobileIron and VMware Airwatch, Tableau Mobile now supports the most prevalent MDM platforms in the industry, giving you more choices for which platform to take advantage of.


To get started using Tableau Mobile on Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Intune, we recommend IT administrators use the following approach:


  1. Secure communication with Tableau Server: If you use Tableau Server, first configure your network so mobile users can securely connect to confidential data. For details, see secure communication between Tableau Mobile and Tableau Server.
    1. Citrix Endpoint Management — VPN device policy
    2. Microsoft InTune — Create VPN profile
  2. Add the Tableau Mobile app to your internal app store: To make Tableau Mobile available to users from your internal app store, add it to your MDM catalog using the guidance outlined in these documents.
    1. Citrix Endpoint Management — Add a public app store app
    2. Microsoft InTune — Add iOS store apps and Android apps
  3. Customize Tableau Mobile using AppConfig (for iOS only): Custom app configuration is controlled by key/value pairs, which each MDM system handles a bit differently. To get started, refer to your MDM providers help documentation.


For the app configurations that are available for Tableau Mobile, see the complete list of key/value pairs here.


More flexibility to securely manage mobile analytics


Tableau Mobile is the fastest, most delightful way to stay on top of your data on your tablet or phone. We want to make it easy for your entire organization to get access to data securely while on the go. For organizations that haven’t invested in a MDM solution, users can simply download the Tableau Mobile app from public app stores, including iTunes and Google Play, and then connect directly to either Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Tableau supports both of these enterprise deployment strategies.


With the incredible proliferation of data that organizations can use to drive their business forward, Tableau Mobile offers the perfect way to visualize, analyze, and leverage this data so that you can optimize the organizations growth potential and keep your enterprise devices and data secure at all times. We encourage you to work with your IT admin team to download Tableau Mobile, and add it to your organization’s internal app store today!


To learn more about how to plan your Tableau mobile deployment, download our whitepaper.